Bed Making

When I was in sophomore our teachers taught us how to bed make. We have a return demo and each one of us will do the demo. I've got a lower score because I can't carry the patient on bed because he was to heavy and I didn't use the proper body mechanics. Despite all this I have learned a lot and keep it on my mind that I must do the proper way for my protection of injury.

Wal Mart Cake

Okay so this is how I imagine this conversation went:

Walmart Employee: 'Hello 'dis Walmars, how can I help
Customer: ' I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week.'
Walmart Employee: 'Wat
jou want on the cake?'
Customer: 'Best Wishes Suzanne' and underneath that 'We will miss you'.


I was very happy when I received the news that I passed the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam last December 1 and 2, 2007. I never expected it because I was not able to review and I was currently working.

The result was released last February 21, 2008, 3 days after my birthday. It was the greatest gift I ever had.